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Conflict Between Two People The Good, The Bad and the UGLY

Webster defines conflict as follows: discord, disharmony, friction, antagonism, territorialism, rivalry, disagreement, dissonance, disunity. The Thesaurus offers this: clash, battle, difference, and similar equally unpleasant synonyms. However you describe it, conflict between two people is must be handled properly or it can lead to unproductive consequences-anxiety, anger, intimidation, lack of teamwork, blame, resentment, morale problems […]

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Motivate Customers to Give Referrals

Be honest now. How often do you ask for and/or receive referral leads? You should do it often, and in right manner. “It makes me feel great to know you are pleased. Joe, is there anyone you might suggest I contact who might also use my services?” Before you ask, determine whether you are “referral-worthy.” […]

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Use a System to Solve Problems (Article thanks to Christine Corelli)

When a problem occurs, most often you’re “under the gun”, stressed and short on time. (Who isn’t these days?) To solve your problem, you need the right mind-set. And, you may find it beneficial to apply an organized approach to problem solving. These will get you started. 1) Define the problem. (No brainer.) Then, take […]

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Difference between Telex Release and Express Release

Always a confusing topic…… Actually it only becomes confusing when the terms are not used in the strictest sense. What is the definition of both? I. Telex Release —- A message sent by the shipping line or agent at the Port of LOAD to their office /agent at the Port of Discharge, advising that the […]

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