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Incoterms and a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit – Latest HMT Updates

A possible No Deal Brexit will have a profound impact on any importers, exporters, traders or producers that trade between the UK and the EU. This includes corporates with large supply chains, as well as service providers for customs duty, freight forwarders and border control (including ports and airports). After March 29th, it’s absolutely crucial to understand incoterms and […]

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Conflict Between Two People The Good, The Bad and the UGLY

Webster defines conflict as follows: discord, disharmony, friction, antagonism, territorialism, rivalry, disagreement, dissonance, disunity. The Thesaurus offers this: clash, battle, difference, and similar equally unpleasant synonyms. However you describe it, conflict between two people is must be handled properly or it can lead to unproductive consequences-anxiety, anger, intimidation, lack of teamwork, blame, resentment, morale problems […]

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Motivate Customers to Give Referrals

Be honest now. How often do you ask for and/or receive referral leads? You should do it often, and in right manner. “It makes me feel great to know you are pleased. Joe, is there anyone you might suggest I contact who might also use my services?” Before you ask, determine whether you are “referral-worthy.” […]

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Use a System to Solve Problems (Article thanks to Christine Corelli)

When a problem occurs, most often you’re “under the gun”, stressed and short on time. (Who isn’t these days?) To solve your problem, you need the right mind-set. And, you may find it beneficial to apply an organized approach to problem solving. These will get you started. 1) Define the problem. (No brainer.) Then, take […]

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Difference between Telex Release and Express Release

Always a confusing topic…… Actually it only becomes confusing when the terms are not used in the strictest sense. What is the definition of both? I. Telex Release —- A message sent by the shipping line or agent at the Port of LOAD to their office /agent at the Port of Discharge, advising that the […]

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